Long time ago silver and gold money were changed with cash and cards, however, the trend to use a wallet did not extinct. Your money can be safely stored in Herschel, DC, Emerica or Vans wallet which all can be purchased in any of our stores.
It does not matter if you are on your way to take an adventurous trip or to the closest store to buy some milk – you always take your wallet with you. The purpose of his accessory is not only to keep your money in one place but also a way to highlight your unique personality by combining functionality with style. Even though most of the time your wallet is in your pocket or a handbag it still represents a part of your personality. If you wish to look conservative, you can choose one colour, natural leather wallet, whereas, if you wish to spice up your style – colourful patterns and bright colours will do just that. Different patterns, shapes and models will allow you to choose the one which satisfies your needs the most – cash, discount and bank cards will fit in the wallet. Branded wallets are made out of good quality materials so if you purchase one, you will not need to think about a new one for a very long time.
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