Snowboarding helmets

It does not matter if you are a professional or a beginner – you have to keep your head safe and protected without any shame. Boring helmets are long in the past, now you can decorate your head with a stylish and unique design helmet. Julbo and DC offer a variety of colours and sizes to choose from which all can be found in any of our stores.
Unfashionable and boring helmets are already in the past since now they are designed in a stylish way. During the last couple of years they have become trendy in famous mountain resorts as well as among Lithuanians who now tend to protect their heads not only from cold but also from the consequences of falling. Helmets are valued because they add some charm to the winter outfit and provide an ultimate protection. It is a mandatory part of winter sports equipment which cannot be forgotten by professionals as well as beginners. Even when you are familiar with the tracks you have to take precautions since you never know what is behind the next turn. Sometimes a small part of equipment is sufficient so that you could bring back home some unforgettable experiences not some bad injuries. You can ensure your security easily and conveniently, all you have to do is visit our online shop and purchase your helmet for a good price without stepping out of your house – you just have to choose the model and wait until it is delivered to your address.
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