When the temperature gets higher and you want to forget about wearing a pair of trousers, it is time for some shorts! Long summer days allow you to forget about black and boring clothes and wear some bright and colourful clothing. Vans, DC, DRMTM, Element, Dickies and Volcom offer a wide range of colourful, denim or patterned shorts which all can be found in any of our Trip Shop stores in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda or purchased online.
Warmer seasons of the year allow wearing our thinner clothes which might be hidden deep down in your closet. T-Shirts and shorts are worn the most during the summer, so when the new season comes and old shorts do not look attractive anymore, it is time to take action and renew your wardrobe! During the summer we tend to be more active and spend more time outside, so when we go on holiday we leave all out office clothes in the closet. Sun, friends and long summer evenings, all are related with the warmest seasons of the year and when the temperature is record breaking, a pair of shorts becomes the best piece of clothing which frees your legs during hot summer days. It would be a sin not to wear a pair of stylish shorts and sweat while wearing trousers when the sun is shining bright. If you are looking for stylish, short or longer shorts – visit any of our Trip Shop stores and choose the ones you like the most.
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