Do you know what is small, fast and very light? Yes, it is a plastic cruiser which will allow you to rush through the streets of the city very fast. A plastic cruiser will not be a problem to carry around when you stop since it is very light. You can purchase Ridge and Flip cruisers in any of our stores or online.
Are you looking for a comfortable way to travel around the city streets? Trip Shop offers plastic cruisers which are very easy to control and were manufactured using the latest technologies. They are light and durable ensuring a comfortable ride even through crowded and narrow streets. Plastic cruisers are as good as standard skateboards when comparing quality and design. So, if you are thirsty of reckless adventures and going through a big crowd of people does not seem fearful to you, visit any of our stores or an online shop and for a good price purchase a desired plastic cruiser – a wide range of different designs will allow you to choose your favourite one very easily.
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