Trip Shop Loyalty Card

What advantages gives TRIP SHOP loyalty card?

10% to all products

15% if you bought for more than 1000 EUR

20% if you bought for more than 2000 EUR


How to get the TRIP SHOP loyalty card?

There are two ways to get the Loyalty (Discount) Card. The first option is to make a purchase of at least 30EUR and fill in the Loyalty Card application in one of our stores. The second option is to make a purchase of a minimum of 30EUR in our online shop – at which point you will receive an offer in your shopping bag inviting you to join our loyalty program. Shortly after you sign up for the loyalty program, your details will be registered in the system.

If you wish to receive discounts while shopping online it is necessary to be a part of the Loyalty program.

Register to CARDU discount service.


Important: You should use your unique loyalty card when making purchases so we can indetify you as a return customer in order to provide you specialized deals, and unique offers. Discounts do not stack together, but if you wish to receive a higher discount on your purchases use your loyalty card to accumulate points which will result in a bigger percentage off of your future purchases.