Frequently asked questions

The delivery in Lithuania is free when purchasing items for at least 30 EUR and a minimum of 2 EUR if purchasing for less than 30 EUR.

Delivery methods:

Delivery method



Payment method

DPD Courier (to the chosen address)











90% of parcels are delivered until 12p.m., therefore, if you choose this delivery method, please make sure you will be at the delivery address you have indicated.

For customer convenience there are three delivery times available (applicable for the main Lithuanian cities): 8am-2pm; 2pm-6pm; 6am-10pm

Online banking

Card payment

Bank transfer

Cash or Bank card (to the courier on delivery)



LP EXPRESS self-service terminals









You can pickup your parcel at the time (open 24/7) and place that is the most convenient for you – LP Express terminals are located next to the biggest shopping centres, Statoil gas stations, main city squeres, etc.

In Lithuania, parcels are delivered within 24 hours on business days and on Saturdays.

Online banking

Card payment

Bank transfer

Bank card (at the time of pickup)



At Trip Shop stores:

Vokieciu st. 13, Vilnius

AKROPOLIS, Ozo st. 25, Vilnius

PARKAS OUTLET, Verkiu st. 29, Vilnius

H. Manto st. 13, Klaipeda

AKROPOLIS, Karaliaus Mindaugo av. 49, Kaunas

MEGA, Islandijos hwy. 32, Kaunas






If you decide to pickup your purchases at the store, you can first browse them or try the chlothes on before making the payment. If the ordered item is available at the store you have selected, the item will be reserved for you and stored for 3 days. If the ordered item is not available at the chosen store, it will be delivered in 1-3 days and a text message confirming the delivery to the store will be sent to you so that you know when the order is available to pickup.


Bank card

Gift Cards

Online banking

Bank transfer



DPD pickup points













DPD pickup points are located in the most popular shops, service provider locations and in other customer oriented places. Due to such convenience it is widely used among customers.

Every DPD Pickup partner is qualified to issue and receive parcels for dispatching.

Advance payments only:


Online banking

Bank transfer

Bank card



  • If the order is made until 1 p.m. on a business day, it is dispatched the same day, if after 1 p.m. or on weekends – the next business day. Delivery time to Lithuania usually is 1-2 business days from the time the order is placed, and to other countries is 3-7 business days depending on the country. Products are not delivered on holidays.
  • If an incorrect postal code or a phone number is indicated, the delivery might take longer than indicated due to the false information. The delivery time might expand also if you miss a call from the courier at the scheduled delivery time, so be ready and careful if you wish to receive your order within the indicated delivery time.

If you wish to receive some additional information recarding a specific product or you wish to know expected delivery time of your order – send us an email to info@tripship.lt or give us a call on +370 69 610 917.

First, it is recommended to determine your US shoe size or the length of your shoe pad (in centimeters). It is important because some of the manufacturers produce shoes according to different size standards and that is why the footwear sizes may vary. All the shoes and sneakers we offer have the US and EU sizes as well as the length of the shoe pad indicated on the shoe tongue. When you set your US shoe size, look at the size table which you will find next to the each footwear model we offer. Next, find an equivalent EU size and always double check it in the table according to your US shoe size to avoid ordering the wrong shoes.

Online shop has all the products and sizes that are currently available on the website as well as in our stores. You can see in which store the product is available if you use the search filters. If you cannot find the size you need in the online shop, it will not be available in our stores either.

  • First, inform us by sending an email to info@tripshop.lt explaining the situation and attaching the photo of the item showing the defect.
  • Money for the defected items can be refunded or it can be exchanged to new ones. In any case, it is necessary to provide a proof of the purchase – a receipt or an invoice.
  • Items can be returned within 30 business days only if they are unused, unworn and in a good quality.
  • You can return your purchases to any of the Trip Shop stores or choose the most convenient way indicated in the Return Policy section of the terms and conditions.
  • If you decide to return your purchase, please inform us beforehand by sending an email to info@tripshop.lt or giving a call on +370 (696) 10917. Please indicate your name, surname, order number, an item you are returning and the return reasons.
  • You can change your purchases in any of our Trip Shop stores or choose the most convenient way indicated in the Return Policy section of terms and conditions. We will send you a new item only when your returned item is received. Your returned item must have a receipt or an invoice to prove the purchase and a filled product return form.
  • If you wish to change your purchased item as soon as possible, we recommend you to return it using the courier delivery services. In this case the courier will deliver you the new item and will return the defected item to us. This service will cost you 6 EUR.
  • In any case, you have to provide a proof of your purchase - a receipt or an invoice.
  • If you decide to return your purchase please inform us beforehand by sending an email to info@tripshop.lt or giving us a call on +370 (696) 10917. Please indicate your name, surname, order number, items you are returning and the return reasons.

During the period of 30 working days unsuitable items can be:

Replaced with another size/model;
Fully refunded.

Terms of returning goods:

1. Costumer who wishes to replace an item must inform us in advance via email info@tripshop.lt or phone +370 69 610 917. Following information must be provided: your name/surname, order number, item which is being returned, reasons for returning the item and what replacement item is desired.
2. These conditions must be met for returning item:

The returning item must be in its original and undamaged packaging;
The returning item must not be damaged by the customer;
The returning item must be unused and in its original selling appearance (no labels or protective layers must be damaged or stripped etc.). This condition is not applicable when bought item is damaged or defective;
The returning item must be in its original set;
Alongside with the returning item, return form and a purchase receipt must be provided.

The seller has a right to refuse to accept the returning items if the costumer does not follow required conditions of returning goods listed in this section.

3. Returning of the goods is carried out under ‘Return and replacement of goods approval’ law which is approved by the Order of the Minister of Economic Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania of 15 March 2012, No 4-243.

Ways of returning goods:

At the store. Items can be returned directly at Trip Shop stores. More information – CONTACTS
Postal services. Items can be returned the way which is most convenient for the customers: by using Lithuanian postal services, delivery service companies or LP Express terminals. If Lithuanian postal services or delivery service companies are chosen for the delivery, the following address must be provided:
Parduotuvė „Trip Shop“
UAB Manfredas ir Ko
H. Manto g. 13,
92130 Klaipėda
Telephone +37068622061
(Please save the shipment number if you chose Lithuanian postal services)

Using LP Express terminal, following information must be provided:
Terminal: H. Manto g. 11 (Maxima X)
Shop: „Trip Shop“
UAB „Manfredas & Ko“




  1. Impregnate your shoes before wearing, it will help to save the color, ease the cleaning process and it will not attract moisture.
  2. Use only the recommended products for footwear impregnating and cleaning.
  3. Never wash your shoes in the washing machine and do not dry them in the dryer.
  4. If the footwear gets wet, keep them in the room temperature and use special insoles to keep the form of the shoe until they get dry.
  5. Wear the footwear as recommended to avoid foot problems and to help the shoes last longer. During the winter choose warmed shoes with a rough outsole, while during the summer wear shoes made from textile materials. Remember to always buy your sports footwear in a specialized sports shop.
  6. In order to keep the new look of the footwear longer do not forget to change the shoe pads and laces, impregnate, clean and renew the color regularly.
  7. If you want to keep the original shape of the shoe do not lace lace them too tight or too loose.
  8. Please note that the shoes which are made out of natural leather may dye your feet or socks, this is not a defect.
  1. The Civil Code, the Consumer Protection and Security laws are applicable for all requests of the consumers.
  2. Unworn footwear, with a purchase receipt, can be returned within 30 days.
  3. No money refunds will be made if the shoes have been worn for some time and the shoe size did not fit, they appeared to be uncomfortable or the buyer did not like the model.
  4. The buyer does not have the right to return the purchased item if the defects are not major. If the defects are small and cannot be repaired, the retailer can reduce the price of the item depending on the size of the defect.
  5. In case of a reasonable item quality complaint, items with defects usually are repaired.
  6. The retailer has a right to refuse fulfilling the complaint if the buyer was familiar with or must have been familiar with the defects of the item (e.g. the price of the item was reduced because of its defects).
  7. The outsole of the shoe can peel off because of wet weather or washing, however, it is not a major defect. In such cases, shoes are repaired and money are not refunded.
  8. Natural item depreciation (e.g. outworn soles and insoles, deformed footwear due to feet shape, changed color due to sweat or wet weather conditions) is not treated as a defect and complaints are not accepted.
  9. Physical item damage (e.g. torn, cut, rubed footwear) is not treated as a defect either and complaints are not accepted.
  10. The retailer is not responsible for the damage of the shoes if wrong shoe care products were used or the footwear was used not according to its purpose. Please read the shoe care instructions overleaf or consult the retailer.
  11. If the buyer wishes to return the shoes or replace them with different ones, a document confirming the purchase of the item and original shoe box must be provided.