Since 2007

They say that good things arrive in a country through a harbor. This is how the world’s most famous street fashion clothes and footwear came to Lithuania in 2007, when we started bringing them to people yearning for modern apparel – first, through an online shop. Soon enough, the first brick-and-mortar streetwear shop was opened in Klaipėda. As the time passed and skate culture started dictating world fashion trends, we have transformed from Skateshop into Streetwear & Sneakers.

Who are we?

Trip Shop is apparel, footwear and accessories shop. Street fashion is our religion, that we have chosen to spread and never stop till the sneakers’ footprints aren’t firmly imbedded in the pavements. We praise individuality and cheer uniqueness. We have set our minds on selling long-standing and well-known street fashion brands, including, but not limited to: Vans, adidas, Nike, Puma, Fila, New Balance, Reebok, Champion, Dr. Martens, Alpha Industries, Herschel, Stussy, Polar, HUF, Happy Socks, Stance.

What we do?

Our first and foremost aim has always been to introduce reliable and well-known street fashion brands as well as to represent them in the Lithuanian streetwear market. Secondly, but just as importantly, we want to make an impact on the popularity of skate culture. Paying close attention to the street culture, not only do we strive to distribute original and stylish things, but we also, since the very beginning, have been supporting skaters, artists and creators connected to this culture. As such, we bring a lot of events, for example, “Trip Da Bomb” – a skate competition that we have been organizing for 7 years in a row already.

Join us

Trip Shop is more than a shop or yet another company providing a workplace. Trip Shop is a young creative community waiting for optimistic forward-thinking team members who understand how much positive energy and life stylish apparel can bring. If you know your way around street fashion, scroll through international fashion blogs every now and then, know more modern streetwear and sneakers brands than you have fingers to count them on – be sure to drop an email to jurate@tripshop.lt and wait for a call!