Snowboarding accessories

Probably there is no better feeling than to go down the track on a high-quality and unique design snowboard. When you have all the snowboarding equipment in place, it is time to think about some accessories. Trip Shop offers stomp pads which will help you to feel more stable on the board when you are on it only with one leg. Volcom and Amplifi stomp pads are sold in our stores for a very good price.
There are two simple reasons why you can fall in love with snowboarding – the adrenaline and sense of unlimited freedom. As soon as you break the ice, the snowboarding technique does not seem that difficult anymore, you are able to enjoy the adrenaline rushing up your blood and amazing views that are in front of you while you are going down the track. This hobby can easily become a part of your lifestyle because every time you step on the snowboard you will desire new challenges and put your skills to a test. You can ensure a maximum snowboarding comfort with wearing warm clothing and good quality accessories - a stomp pad will allow you to feel stable on the board when you are on it only with one leg, a warm face mask will protect you from unpleasant winter weather and stylish clothes will keep you warm even in unexpected situations. Using pads, patches and wax will allow you to be more confident when going down the track because you never know what is behind the next corner. If you use all necessary equipment you will be one step ahead of any circumstances and you will be able to experience the true pleasure of snowboarding.
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