Some people love steady and slow walks while the others prefer extreme sports and adrenaline floating up their blood. One of the most popular extreme sports is skateboarding. Trip Shop offers a wide range of options – from collecting your own skateboard to purchasing already an assembled one. Magenta, Polar, Thunder, Independent, Blind and Darkstar are the most popular and well-known brands that you can buy in any of our stores.
While some people stroll around undiscovered trails, the others are looking for challenges and adrenaline. When the snow dries out, skateboarders fill the streets and squares where they can impress the viewers with incredible stunts. A professional or a beginner, anyone who takes the skateboard into the hands will feel like the conqueror of the world. Fast, short and easily controlled skateboards challenge your skills and allow contributing to the skate culture development. Active leisure allows to maintain a good way of living and move together with the youth experiencing everything here and now! The price of the skateboard depends on its quality because dangerous stunts require accuracy and good technique. You don’t have to think about the safety when the equipment you are using is the best quality. Jump into the adventure and show everyone what can be done with determination and youthful energy. You don’t have to think where you can find your desired skateboard - you just have to pop in to any of our stores.
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