The rule to wear shirt only with a suit is long forgotten. Today, shirt colours range from white to the most bizarre, including different patterns so you will definitely have many different options to choose from. Vans, Volcom, Element, Polar, HUF, DC, Dickies and Etnies offer shirts with long and short sleeves which all can be found in any of our stores or purchased online.
Most people will agree that shirts have their own charm so they always attract attention and give you with a confident and an exclusive look. Shirts with long and short sleeves give you an opportunity to choose them according to the weather outside. Your job is to choose a shirt which perfectly falls on your shoulders and the ones you like best, whereas, the task of the manufacturer is to ensure the shirt does not look boring. It does not matter if you choose to wear a floral or a timeless classic shirt – they will represent your personality. You will definitely find what you are looking for since there are so many different options to choose from - bright, patterned, checkered or just black shirt. It does not matter if you wish to stand out from the crowd or stay unnoticed, Trip Shop will help you to find the right choice for you. A wide range of different designs, high-quality shirts for an attractive price are available in any of our Trip Shop stores or purchased quickly and safely online.
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