Complete skateboards

Trip Shop offers factory-assembled skateboards for everyone who cannot resist the adrenaline rush and is starting their career on the curbs and the sidewalks. Element, Blind and Darkstar offer a variety of board styles, colours and widths – even the most needy customers will find what they are looking for.
As soon as the snow melts down the desire to conquer the streets and fill the life with adventure is stronger than never. Some just cannot walk in a slow pace – they need challenges and new experiences filled with action and adrenaline. When everything seems familiar and experienced you can always grab your skateboard and try something new! Impressive performances, new tricks and breath-taking jumps – even professional skateboarders will find some areas for improvement. For a successful start of the season, a good quality skateboard is a necessity if you want to improve your skills and rule the streets. You can collect your own skateboard or purchase an assembled one which will allow you to forget about small details and start enjoying the pleasure of sport. Your skills as well as the design of your skateboard will catch the attention of strangers. You can choose a bright, colourful or containing different drawings skateboard that represents your personality the best. Our store also offers some attractive skateboard wear for a very good price.
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