Strong and durable bolts are required if you wish to stand firmly and strongly on your skateboard. Our stores offer Element and Thunder bolts which are very durable and will not disappoint in quality. You can purchase them in any of our stores in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda or online.
People who cannot live without challenges and adventures have been exploring the life turns on a skateboard. This sport does not require any sophisticated equipment because it is enough to buy a skateboard and you are ready to go out to the streets. A stable board as well as confidence will help you to ride your skateboard better. In order to keep your board in place and technically tidy it is important to tighten it up with proper bolts. When everything is in order, you can start improving your riding skills. Even though the first falls cannot be avoided, the commitment to get up and try again will motivate you to continue. You can use your imagination and try something new when you are out riding your skateboard in the streets or showing off your stunts on a ramp. Polished technique, the accuracy of the movements and unfading determination will push you through your limits so that you would become the skateboarding hero. You don’t need to look for a place where skateboard bolts are sold for a good price because you only nee to visit any of our stores or online shop.
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