We offer durable and unique skateboards for those who are ready to conquer the streets. Even the most demanding customers will be satisfied with Magenta, Polar, Element, Anti Hero, Real or Cliché boards. You can find them all in any of our stores.
Are you determined to try skateboarding and become the legend of the skate park? You can forget about the road under your feet because it is going to be replaced by the board on the wheels. Learn how to control the board in order to show the world what great your skills are. There are different board widths – professional skateboarders will confirm that is so much easier to do difficult tricks with a narrow board, whereas the landing is more stable and safer with a wider board. You might have to try out some different models until you will finally find your favourite one. The boards are sold for an attractive price so if you wish to assemble a perfect skateboard it will not require a big investment. Designers have made quite a job to make the boards original and unique which will definitely surprise even the most experienced skateboarders. Our stores and online shop offer a variety of models you can choose from and purchase online.
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