Autumn/Winter shoes

When your checks and toes are getting cold during autumn or winter-time it is the right moment to think about some good quality shoes. Nike, Puma, Vans, Makia, Adidas, DC, Emerica, Etnies, Element, Dickies and Volcom offer different models and colour shoes which are designed for cold and wet weather. The best part is that all can be found in any of our stores or online!
Spring and summer are the shortest seasons in Lithuania so when we need to jump over the puddles in the street, walk in the rain and experience snow the other half of the year, choosing the right winter footwear might become quite a task. When buying autumn footwear it is important to see from what materials the shoes are made and whether those materials are heat trapping, the thickness and tread of the out-sole as well as to check what is the resistance to humidity. If you are not a lumberjack who spends half of the winter day outside in the snow you definitely do not need shoes with fur – winter shoes must have a thick sole with a rough tread which protects your feet from water and from slipping on an icy road. It is important to buy half size bigger winter shoes because the secret of keeping your feet warm during the wintertime are socks, however, these are not the ones that your grandmother made. Socks must contain merino wool or artificial fibers because both keep the warmth, dries quickly and does not smell unpleasantly when shoes are taken off. Bigger shoes are essential because feet will feel freedom and less cold since additional space in the shoe will keep the air warmer. However, do not buy two size bigger shoes, you will not be able to fit the heater anyway. It’s a good sign that if the shoe tag contains Gore-Tex, Watershield, H2O-Proof, Primaloft or similar since all use the best technology to manufacture footwear materials that are resistant to cold, water and are the best at keeping the warmth inside the shoe. Wintertime is long so it is essential to make a good investment to winter footwear. Use this knowledge when purchasing your winter shoes in any of our stores and online.
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